Find, Engage and Convert Your Supporters. All From One Powerful Place.


Create digital journeys.

Transform your program from blasting ads and emails to building deeper and more responsive relationships. Deliver personalized content natively in the places where your supporters already spend time online.



Discover audiences.

We leverage Big Data to provide insights into your supporters' demographic profiles, interests and giving behaviors.  Then, we create and deploy powerful look-a-like models to find more of these target audiences.

Make it personal.

Using Machine Learning, the Causemo platform dynamically tests different combinations of creative, messaging, channels and Calls to Action to determine what journey delivers the best response by segment. The creative treatment and action steps are personalized based upon how your supporters engage in the digital conversation.

Inspire Your Supporters to Help You Grow.

With Social Connect™ Peer Fundraising and Advocacy, you empower your supporters to connect their networks to your cause. Put your most passionate supporters on a SocialConnect™ Journey to encourage and guide them in their efforts to raise awareness for your mission.

Social Connect Peer Fundraising

Social Connect Peer Fundraising

Social Connect Peer Advocacy

Social Connect Peer Advocacy


Distribution, simplified.

Causemo's platform coordinates your targeted messages through social media, digital ads, drip emails and dynamic landing pages.


Less hassle = Better results.

With a few image and copy assets, Causemo’s platform can automate the creation of emails, landing pages, social ads and more to launch your journey into market — freeing up valuable time.

Know where you stand.

Causemo's dashboard and analytical tools make it easy for you to understand the story behind your supporters' journey, how they're engaging across online platforms and what to do next.

Causemo Success Team.

Along with our technology, we bring our team's fundraising and movement building expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Engage more people in a better way.

Optimize Journeys, Creative, and Improve Your ROI with Causemo.

Simple, Transparent Pricing.



Get Going on a New Path to Better Results.

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