Causemo Insights provides nonprofits with easy to use
Donor Analytics and Fundraising Insights
in an all-in-one platform


Identify more of your best donors and prospects to run more efficient fundraising campaigns

the causemo insights platform

We combine the data you already have with donor intelligence from our network of leading philanthropic data partners for an unparalleled view of your people and prospects. Learn more about Causemo Insights or create a free account

               Trusted by the nation's leading nonprofits

             Trusted by the nation's leading nonprofits

“Causemo helped me wrestle with three things I needed. One, they helped me understand who my most valuable donors are. Two, they helped me reach and acquire new donors I’ve never seen before. Three, they gave my team an easy way to make it all work over and over again.”
— Nick Ward, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals