It's Time to Exceed Your Digital Fundraising Goals

Nonprofits rely on Causemo's technology to find and engage supporters through personalized digital journeys.


Achieving Your Goals Shouldn’t Be So Hard. We Know Your Pain and We've Made It Easier To:


Acquire Donors

Find new donors like the best donors you have with Causemo's Acquisition Journey — combine Big Data modeling with highly personalized journey experiences.
Children Mircale Network Logo
Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals created new donor relationships 51% more efficiently at a net cost of $21 per new donor.

Generate Leads

Find new leads to grow your supporter base.
Boys and Girls Club
Causemo helped Boys & Girls Clubs' Alumni & Friends grow their supporter base from 6,000 to more than 45,000 in just a few short months.

Convert Leads

Take your lead conversion to a new level — test multiple creative treatments across coordinated digital channels.
31 Heroes
31Heroes struggled to convert leads until Causemo's Conversion Journey delivered a 13% conversion rate and net per new donor of $2.10.

Retain & Upgrade

Keep donors engaged through retention journeys that increase their lifetime value.
31 Heroes
Cradles to Crayons doubled their Year End donations over the prior year — raising $99,000 with an average gift of $124 and saw a 400% ROI.

Reactivate Lapsed

Thousands of supporters aren’t responding to your emails or fundraising asks. Causemo Journeys can help with that.
31 Heroes
For The Flutie Foundation, Causemo's Lapsed Supporter Journey used coordinated social engagement, ads and emails to reactivate lapsed donors at a Cost Per Dollar Raised of $0.17.


Increase event participation by using predictive modeling to find and cultivate targets through social media and an optimized registration funnel.
31 Heroes
We helped Pan-Mass Challenge's Resolution Event increase rider registration by 35% and fundraising by 42%.

It’s About the Journey.

You’ve always wanted to do it — target an audience and then highly personalize and coordinate the timing of email, digital ads, and social posts to move them to sign up, take an action and donate.

With Causemo Journeys you can.  Journeys are:



A message tailored to someone’s interests increases the likelihood they will engage with your organization.


A well-executed journey improves engagement and ongoing commitment from your supporters. Encouraging any kind of engagement — whether it’s liking a post, writing an elected official or donating — is valuable.


A coordinated one-to-one communications experience will provide better results for your digital program. Causemo makes that happen with the automation and predictive power built into our journeys.


Leading nonprofits use Causemo Journeys to achieve extraordinary results:

47% Lower Cost of Acquisition and 2x Revenue


Get On a New Path to Better Results.

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