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Driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Causemo not only gives you insights into your power donors, it can also provide you with an efficient outreach strategy aimed at targeting prospects with the highest potential to join your cause. 

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Unparalleled Access to Data

Causemo provides access to the broadest dataset in the market, which combines first and third-party demographic, psychographic and giving data points from over 200 million individuals.  

Dynamic Benchmarking
Understand how your organization stacks up to others in your sector from a demographic and giving perspective via easy to understand graphs and charts. 
Donor Demographics
Learn more about your donors through graphs providing insight on political leanings, net worth, home value, education, age, children, religion, and more.
Giving Metrics
Visualize your key metrics to understand performance, including Average Gift Size, Retention Rate, Revenue, Channel Revenue, and more.
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Your fundraising roadmap.

Ready to take action on your donor insights? Customers using Causemo Insights PRO have access to Smart Segments. Your dashboard will include segmented lists of people on file that are primed for upgrades, are a strong monthly donor or major gift prospect, and more. Sign up for PRO today.
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