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Causemo Insights is an easy to use tool that helps nonprofits truly understand their donors - who they are, what they care about and which channels to target them onWith Insights, you get dozens of charts showing you enriched information on your donors -  how they give, sector benchmarking and the ability to filter and sort that information - while the charts update in real time.

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Visualize Your Fundraising

One of the best ways to approach understanding your data is to visualize it. Insights provides dozens of dynamic charts to help you understand the performance of your fundraising efforts like never before. Viewing these charts will pinpoint where there may be gaps or areas to expand.



Raise More Revenue as Insights dynamically analyzes your donors and identifies Opportunities you have on file. Find:

  • Upgrade Prospects – Who's ready to make a larger gift
  • High Value Prospects – People who should be qualified for Major Gifts
  • Sustainer Prospects – People most likely to become monthly donors
  • Event Attendees – Target the best ones to become donors
  • Non-Donor Supporter Conversion – Who's ready to make a gift
  • Pre-Lapse Donors – Ongoing lists of people about to lapse
  • Channel Preference – Which channel people most prefer to give through 

Sector Benchmarking

Compare your donor demographics and information to other organizations in your nonprofit sector (e.g. International Relief, Human Services, Arts & Culture) to see how you are doing.

Filtering & Segmentation

Insights one of a kind hyper-advanced filtering and segmentation engine is designed to be as easy to use as possible. Finding exactly what you are looking for is just a few clicks away, with an easy to use interface and filterable charts. You are able to then save the filtered data into discrete donor segments to track their performance or export for targeted communications.

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