Our Story

We’re on a mission to democratize fundraising              & empower nonprofits with data                and technology.



Our story 

The idea came from experienced digital fundraisers and movement builders who were frustrated with the inefficiencies and serious limitations that nonprofits face every day.  We wanted new strategies to find, engage and retain donors and supporters, but found no existing digital solutions to accomplish our goals.  In the end, we realized there had to be a better way, and so we founded Causemo.  We are a technology-driven company that has built a marketing platform specifically for nonprofit organizations to tap into the energy of their supporters and convert that energy into action and dollars.  



“First and foremost, we are passionate about making it possible for all nonprofits — whether large or small — to succeed in this new world of digital engagement. We’re committed to bringing the power of Big Data, advanced machine learning and personalized journeys to our customers so they can achieve greater results with less effort.”
— Jeff Habib CEO

Our Core Values

  • Results. They are better than benchmarks.
  • Authentically motivating to get involved in causes they care about through technology.
  • Enabling your supporters to live out their values by engaging with you.
  • Creating products that are easy to use and that empower people to expand what they can do by reducing complexity.
  • Bringing advanced technologies to nonprofits at an affordable price so they can create long-term meaningful relationships with supporters.
  • Solving hard challenges simply, elegantly and having fun while we're doing it.